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Studied M.Sc. Psychologist without work experience offering psychological support

28. June 2019
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6. July 2019
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I am willing to spend four month between October '19 and February '20 in Greece to support a team offering psychological help for refugees.

A few details about my background below.


I am a fully studied M.Sc. Psychologist, but a beginner in my career. I work since 1 1/2 years in a psychiatry with children and adults, but not as a psychologist. My jobs a more pedagogic and health care related. I have some TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) skills such a acupuncture. For three month I gathered experience during an internship in a psychosocial center for refugees offering trauma-therapy for refugees. Currently I feel able to work psychological such as anamnestic and stabilizing but not psychotherapeutically. Depending on my working possibility I am considering to look for a specific short-term training before leaving to Greece. I am learning Arabic for 2 years and are able to share and understand very basic information speaking modern standard Arabic. Though, around Arabic people I am optimistic to achieve fast improvement in my language skills. For three years I am in the board of a small NGO, so I have some skills organizing and coordinating projects. 5 years ago, I founded a small refugee project in northern Germany. 8 years ago, I worked in a social orphanage in Mexico.


I divide my motivation into 1. the possibility to learn for myself and my career, 2. to support a project tackling European problems and 3. to have a good time with international people.

  1. I will start my working career and my psychotherapist-training next year. On the long run I am looking for a job in the section of trauma therapy for refugees. So, I can learn a lot in this field. Moreover, I hope to improve my Arabic skills.
  2. I am quite critical about many volunteer projects, as I see them reproducing postcolonial structures. However, I like the general idea to support a good institution, where support is needed. Politically it is a European shame, that there are many people coming from abroad asking for a safe refuge and politically we try actively not to take over responsibility for the health, dignity and safety of these people. So, I wish to contribute somewhat to the refugee supporting medical system. Additionally, I hope to stay in contact with a potential project in Greece to come back later with more work experience in a regular turn.
  3. I like to be abroad and to be around international people. I hope to meet interesting people in the working team, in the project and whereever I am spending my time.

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Would like to network and exchange ideas - I am a psychologist as well. Please contact me:

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