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Men’s shoes and coats needed for winter distributions in Chios

3. November 2019
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3. November 2019
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We are desperately short on men’s shoes and coats for our winter distributions in Chios.

There is about 5/6 of us groups working together as we do every year and we all have a different aid items we need to complete to cover all depending on our collection and fundraising capabilities.

We have had 1680 new arrivals in the month of October alone in 54 boats. In a camp capacity of 1100 it is now 5 times over with 5000 and transfers to mainland have been very low. ????????

We currently do not have anymore funds to buy anymore shoes and coats at the moment. Is your organisation able to provide and send shoes to my storage in Chios at all?

We can’t do these distributions unless we have enough for all to make it fair.

Please email me if this is something you can help with.

Thank you

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