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ART Angels Relief Team is a ♫ Music Education Program and Creatively Platform,volunteer-based organization offering a free creative intercultural platform for those socially disadvantaged(minorities), migrants, displaced,refugee children and young adults through music and art education.In the frame work of ART Bridges-ΓΕΦΥΡΕΣ ΤΕΧΝΗΣ .
Our mission is to promote the accessibility,social inclusion and integration of underprivileged-socially disadvantaged children, minors and young adults into their communities.
Our goal is also to give these young minds a positive educational experience, as well as providing creative outlets and a safe space to explore, play, and learn. Affording them the right to be young, rebellious, passionate, restless; the chance to redefine themselves beyond powerless victims of displacements, the war, persecutions and poverty. We promote and provide our beneficiaries with programs *including in psycho social support activities, like creativity, educational trips,artistic-integration learning sessions and workshops through ART MUSIC education.
We believe a musical and artistic foundation not only inspires and heals but also helps our beneficiaries to strive for a better future. It provides a platform for inter-cultural dialogue teaching them to set aside their differences and work together for a shared goal. We promote access to live classical music performances and culture to children.
Our team of talented staff and volunteers carry out activities ranging from violin and classical or traditional instrument training to art,crafts and dance sessions.
Creatively Learning(ACLS) Space in Mytiline, in the Greek Roma neighborhood of Pagani in Mytiline, in Kara Tepe Hospitality Center for migrants and refugees, in Moria Reception & Identification Center and in other places across Greece and where they are needed the most. We work towards the Well being, accessibility, lifelong learning,intercultural- interfaith dialogue and social integration. We stay connected with our students, also after they left and transferred to a new location. Instruments are given to them and lessons are available also. For more information about volunteering and supporting us, please email Art Bridges at:

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