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LATRA is a design agency specializing in tech-driven humanitarian innovation. The agency uses 3D printers, drones, big data and other high-tech apps to improve life and well-being of refugees across the world. Through its projects, LATRA is accelerating the UN Sustainable Development Goals through technological innovation, digital literacy, cultural diplomacy, sustainable development and humanitarian design. LATRA has developed humanitarian design projects in Greece, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, South Africa & Qatar. In 2017, LATRA won the prestigious Be.Creative Global Competition, and has been short-listed in ARUP’s Global Innovation Challenge 2017 Edition.

LATRA is constantly looking to recruit talented designers who wish to join our mission in Lesvos and can contribute through their expertise in:

  • 3D Printing
  • Architecture
  • Circular Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Engineering
  • GIS mapping & Surveying
  • UX Design

Interested in building a better world? Send us your message: INFO@DESIGN4PEACE.ORG

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