Registered NGO running a kitchen and warehouse in Belgrade. Our aim is to provide compassionate and high quality care for the refugees as well as facilitating other NGOs operations in Belgrade.
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BelgrAid is run by a flexible core team of volunteers, supported by a dynamic and ever-changing group of short-termers from all around the globe. All of us are committed to bring dignity and care to refugees and other displaced people across Serbia. Together we prepare and distribute a healthy and flavourful daily lunch at the nearby Obrenovac Transit Centre, afterwards engaging the residents in sports and activities. Furthermore, our team supplies clothes and hygiene items to different sites across Serbia, collaborating with grassroots groups as well as more established humanitarian actors to provide aid when and wherever it is needed.

Serbia’s refugee crisis might not often make the news anymore, but that does not mean the hardship is over. BelgrAid is in this for the long run; we will stay in Serbia until there is no more need for us. Our lasting mission is to observe and act, to always be ready to fill the gaps left by other aid actors, to collaborate with anyone who shares our aim of making life better for people living as refugees in Serbia; but most importantly: to always work in solidarity and respect.

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