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We cover beach landings, spotting and cooking in UNHCR Stage 2 Camp.
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Since April 2017, we have supported refugees in their desperate journey towards Europe. We are at the forefront of this humanitarian crisis, based on the northern shores of Lesvos, Greece.


Refugee4Refugee founder Omar Alshakal sought to create a non-political organisation that addresses the needs and concerns of refugees, while also encouraging fellow asylum seekers to get involved and take the lead in relief efforts.

Omar is a Syrian refugee and brings a unique perspective as someone who arrived in Europe in 2014, after swimming for 14 hours from Turkey to Greece. He has seen the weaknesses of the asylum process first hand. Omar started the charity to tackle these challenges head on. As a former lifeguard, he saw an opportunity to improve boat spotting and landing support. Refugee4Refugees then transports arrivals to a temporary camp where people can receive food, water, clothing, shoes, medical attention and sleep.

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