Technical and engineering organisation which builds and maintains sanitation facilities (toilets, showers, water points, etc.) in refugee camps.
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Koln, Germany / Moria camp, Lesvos
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We are a team of dedicated engineers, plumbers and builders who believe that nobody in Europe should be living under the conditions that we have seen in the past years. Our team consists of agricultural, mechanical and civil engineers, plasterers, plumbers, carpenters and cabinetmakers but also anthropologists and business administrators. We are from different parts of Europe and every walk of life. Some of us just started their vocational career others have yearlong professional experience. Yet, we are all united in our commitment to help those in need. 

For the past four months we have been based in Moria refugee camp, where our activities have had a significant effect. When we arrived, there were only a handful of toilets and showers which were in a working condition. We have built, refitted, deep cleaned, and maintained facilities, to ensure that residents have access to vital facilities. This work significantly improves health, hygiene and living conditions for the thousands of residents in the camp.

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