Medical NGO providing free primary health care for refugees in Greece
23. July 2018
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6. September 2020
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Vathy, Samos
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Med’EqualiTeam is a French NGO created in July 2018. It is based on a non-profit organisation structure and is running on donations coming from crowfunding and personal savings. The aim of this NGO is to provide free health care to displaced populations, who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it due to external barriers. These barriers include financial, social, and logistical obstacles. The care is given with respect, dignity and confidentiality, with respect of medical and general ethics. Our first project is on Samos Island, in Greece, where more than 6500 refugees are currently cramped in one camp made for 650 persons (Vathy camp).

The medical infrastructure provided for the camp from the authorities is completely overloaded, with only two Greek doctors present, making the situation even worse. We opened a center 700m from the camp where people can come and get free medical consultations and treatment.

We currently see around 500 patients every week, are open 6 days a week and have presently around 6-8 doctors, 3-4 nurses, 2-3 medical students, non-medical admin staff and translators working in the clinic.

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