Still I Rise

We are a Team of volunteers stepping in to help vulnerable children across the world.
9. August 2018
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16. July 2019
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Kanari S Street, 14, Samos, 83100, Greece
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Still I Rise is an independent non-profit organization that provides psycho-social care and humanitarian support to refugee children and orphan youth in Greece and India.

Still I Rise was born in 2018 but our mission has roots in the work of a volunteer who started supporting the well-being of orphan children in India, in 2013. We continue to support post-secondary education for the students leaving Dayavu Boy's Home in Tamil Nadu, India. 

Our presence on Samos is born of the work of Samos Volunteers, a non-profit organization that helps refugees through psycho-social support and adult education.

In our Youth Center we provide supportive informal education so that the months or years waiting in a refugee camp can be put to use. Children attending our classes learn the skills they need to survive and continue their education. We help displaced children reclaim their future. 

Our vision is to care for and protect children and youth, help them realize their full potential, and offer them a fair chance in life.  We see the worth of people from all countries and backgrounds and we shout the value of education for children- whether in an orphanage or a refugee camp.

Responsiveness, honesty, safety, and education are the core values at the foundation of our work.

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