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15. August 2018
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28. August 2019
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Nea Kavala refugee camp, Northern Greece
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We Are Here has been working since May 2016 inside the camp of Nea Kavala, ‘relocation’ camp located near Polykastro, a small town 20 km away from the Macedonian border

 With a social space, classrooms, a women’s space and an open community space, We Are Here creates an opportunity to learn, create, socialize, share, and build knowledge, confidence and connections. Despite operating inside a military-ran camp, the We Are Here project remains able to run the centre in a way that remains flexible to the ever-changing needs, and which takes into account the voices of those on the ground, both volunteers and refugees. 

We are always looking for hardworking volunteers to come and join our team. 

To find out more information about our project, please visit out website ; 

or our facebook page:  

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