Yoga and Sport for Refugees

Providing Sports Classes for refugees
18. March 2019
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18. March 2019
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One Happy Family, Lesvos
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The project started last year, when we realized that a solution had to be found to bring positive energy to refugees stranded in Lesvos, Greece.

More than 10000 refugees are stuck on the Island, in Moria camp, as they are waiting for their asylum requests to be reviewed and continue their journey to other countries in Europe. As the process can be very long, they need activities to keep their motivation going and live away from depression and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). That is why we want to act today, to encourage refugees to keep being active, to wake up every morning and set up a goal for themselves to get out of their tents and containers which serves as homes right now. They need to see the outside world to forget about their problems and to be able to build themselves. Nothing can be achieved without motivation. We want to offer them trainings from different kinds such as: running, cardio and core workouts, calisthenics, budokon and martial arts. We want to give them skills that will serve them for their all life and that they will be able to teach to others. We want to empower them with daily trainings. We are now working in Lesvos, especially at One Happy Family center, a community center working with refugees which provides warm meals everyday, WiFi, a space dedicated to women, a space dedicated to children, a school for kids and languages classes for adults. This space is run by refugees themselves and financial support is coming from independent funding and volunteer projects.

( Now, Yoga and Sport For Refugees wants to give the chance to refugees to have daily sports trainings in the One Happy Family Center and outside in Lesvos. We need you to get involved right now: - by giving us your financial support, - by coming out there and volunteer if you are a good runner, a fan of calisthenics or a yoga instructor ! How to make it happen ? Just reach out now at ! We will help you to get set up in Lesvos (if you can join for at least 10 days and have some savings for a plane ticket, food and accommodation).

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