Becky's Bathhouse and Osteopathy for Refugees

Wellness centre for women and children living in Moria Refugee Camp. We provide a safe place for women and children to shower, and we see patients referred to us for osteopathy and showers.
10. July 2019
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10. July 2019
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Lesvos, Greece
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We are a women-only shower facility for female migrants and their children staying in Moria – Lesvos largest refugee camp. Our project aims to restore women’s dignity, even temporarily, by giving them an opportunity to shower in safety and to provide a calm and relaxed space where they can have a break from camp conditions with a cup of chai and a chat. The living conditions in the camp have often been compared to a prison and the centre provides a simple but much needed relief.

We currently offer a system of six showers cubicles with a lockable door and private changing area, and provides about 50 showers a day. After being driven to the centre, each user receives toiletries donated by LUSH, a hotel-quality towel, new underwear and they can enjoy time to relax in a female-friendly space. The facility is also equipped with a laundry room, an on-site prayer room, a play area, and a gym area offering yoga, swimming and self-defense classes.

We work closely other organisations, sending referrals to Osteopathy for Refugees, our osteopathic clinic located in the same building as the Bath House. We also work with other organisations on the island as different needs arise.


Our volunteers help with a variety of tasks, including organising pick ups from the camp, driving our van and car, preparing hot drinks, cleaning showers, watching over kids, supporting our female beneficiaries through talking and listening, organising activities, keeping the centre clean and beautiful, and generally ensuring that this remains a safe and calm place for showers, care and relaxation.

The vast majority of our beneficiaries live in the main camp at Moria. We also work with other organisations on the island as different needs arise. We believe that collaboration with other groups, beneficiaries, our Greek neighbors allows us to exhibit how working together can make a difference.

We welcome women from all nationalities and backgrounds. We host women from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Cameroon, Congo and Kurdistan.

Many, but not all, of our volunteers have previous experience of working with displaced persons, in Greece and elsewhere. Some have worked with large humanitarian organisations, and for others, this is their first experience doing such work. What we have in common is a passionate belief in the importance of recognising that refugees are people no different from ourselves, and who deserve to be treated with the same care and consideration that we give our friends and family.

Many of us live in a shared volunteer house, a 15 minute walk from the centre of Mytilene. It would help us greatly with team spirit and transport if you choose to live with us. You will be welcome to socialise, eat and go for drinks together.

If you would like to come to work with us, please send us a message. We will also require you to provide a basic criminal record / disclosure certificate, one reference, and proof of your identity (generally a copy of your passport.)

We aim to give all our volunteers an interesting, if sometimes challenging, experience. If you have particular skills that you think might be useful in making the centre a welcoming and exciting environment, please do tell us about them.

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