Mazi Housing Project

Athens based housing project for young single men
5. February 2020
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5. February 2020
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Mazí is a housing project based in Athens that offers accommodation (including food, utilities and all other basic necessities) as well as welfare support to six young displaced men who were previously homeless. We have one flat, and are currently fundraising for a second flat which we aim to open in May 2020. Residents live in a safe, spacious flat that gives opportunity for and connections to psychosocial support, education and employment opportunities. Our aim is to support residents to become independent and overcome barriers of social exclusion by connecting them with services that can facilitate this. The residents are supported by the Coordinator and the House Manager and referrals are taken from various NGOs and grassroots organisations.

Our goal is that within the year-long program, residents will have received opportunities for education and employment advancement; the appropriate psychosocial, legal and financial support; have made the necessary connections with local services that allow for the opportunity to lead independent lives here in Greece, and have had acccess to information in order to make informed choices about their futures.

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