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951 as of May 2018
50% Syrian
25% Iraqi (Arabic and Kurdish)
6% Congolese (French),
6% Pakistani
13% other

48% men
22% women
30% children

Was emptied in fall 2016; reopened to receive people from Cherso.
Former army base, housing donated by UAE, managed by DRC and Hellenic Army.
Also spelled Larisa.

OLD data (July 2017) (January 2018),22.24603
for security reasons we currently do not publish exacte locations.

active organisations:

  20. April 2017


InterVolve is a Greek, Non Profit Organisation taking grassroots action to facilitate basic human rights for refugees, migrants and vulnerable populations in Northern Greece. We fill gaps and offer resources and support. Since 2015, we have been fortunate to have had dedicated volunteers who have made a real difference, working alongside refugee communities in camps, and on urban projects. Building on these experiences, we are now expanding our team, so we can offer new resources to people facing ever changing and ever enduring challenges.

Koutsochero (Larissa) |
logistics / warehouses | protection / work with kids | education | general support | infrastructure | Greece: North and East | tech / IT | admin / coordination | food
  3. August 2017

Medecins du Monde (MDM) / Doctors of the World

medical care

Moria Detention Center | Kara Tepe | Andravidas: Kyllini (LM Village) | Filippiada (Preveza, camp. Petropoulaki) | Koutsochero (Larissa) | Medecins du Monde / Doctors of the World (MDM) (clinic and main office) |
medical / health care | Greece: Lesvos | Greece: Central (Athens area) | Greece: West
  2. July 2018

Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

Danish NGO providing large-scale camp support and management

Alexandreia (G. Pelagou camp) | Koutsochero (Larissa) | Lagkadikia (Voyiatzoglou) | Lavrio aka Sounio (ex-Agrotiki Ministry summer camp) | Nea Kavala (Polykastro) | Schisto | Skaramagkas | Veroia (Armatolos Camp. Kokkinou Imatheas) | Volos (Magnesias) |
logistics / warehouses | protection / work with kids | medical / health care | general support | infrastructure | Greece: North and East | Greece: Central (Athens area) | admin / coordination

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