Elliniko Warehouse (Pampiraiki)

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The warehouse is in the old Elliniko airport. It is run by the group Pampiraiki (also spelled Pempiraiki, Pamperaiki).

TO WORK: Help is needed Tues-Fri 11am-5pm. Email at least 2 weeks ahead to Present yourself at the security gate on the coast road (Poseidonos) between the Olympic building and the Basketball Stadium--just north of the bus/tram stop "Elliniko" (see photo below.) From the gate walk or drive to the pin location (see below for driving route).

TO REQUEST SUPPLIES: If you are the main camp/squat contact, introduce yourself via email to Katerina or Negia: (details:


--bus B2 and all buses from Athens / Piraeus to Glyfada / Voula / Vouliagmeni. "Elliniko" stop.

--tram (slow!) from Syntagma or Neo Faliro (Σ.Ε.Φ.) to Voula. "Elliniko" stop.

--Do not use the metro! The stop is on the opposite side of the airport, and you cannot cut throug,23.723674
for security reasons we currently do not publish exacte locations.

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