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General location pin for orgs working on Chios that are not directly in Vial camp.,26.137415
for security reasons we currently do not publish exacte locations.

active organisations:

  26. June 2018

No More Walking

Swiss organisation

Athens (main city pin) | Chios town (general pin) |
general support | Greece: West
  28. June 2018

Chios People's Kitchen

cooking hot food on Chios

Chios town (general pin) |
Greece: Islands except Lesvos | food
  1. July 2018

Welcome Foundation / Americans for Refugees in Crisis (ARC)

gardens and education

Lavrio aka Sounio (ex-Agrotiki Ministry summer camp) | Chios town (general pin) |
protection / work with kids | general support | Greece: North and East | Greece: Islands except Lesvos | environmental | food
  1. July 2018

Salvamento Maritimo Humanitario

lifeguards and SAR on Chios

Chios town (general pin) |
search and rescue | Greece: Islands except Lesvos
  1. July 2018

Chios Eastern Shore Response Team

Chios town (general pin) |
medical / health care | search and rescue | general support | Greece: Islands except Lesvos | food
  22. January 2019

Action for Women

Based on the island of Chios, Greece, where main project on the island is the Athena Centre for Women. Main focus on advocacy, womens rights and protection.

Chios town (general pin) |
protection / work with kids | Greece: Islands except Lesvos | General | admin / coordination
  14. May 2019

Action For Education

AFE run centres for children, women and youth on the islands of Chios, Samos and in central Athens. We respond by providing structured, safe non-formal learning and youth centres designed to provide high levels of psychosocial support. All our centres also meet basic needs, including nutrition and hygiene programmes. We're always looking for volunteers with a background in teaching, youth work and social work to join our team!

Chios town (general pin) |
protection / work with kids | education | Greece: Central (Athens area) | Greece: Islands except Lesvos | tech / IT | food
  5. May 2020



Chios town (general pin) |
Greece: Chios | legal / info
  13. May 2020

Action for Women

Action for Women (AfW)'s work is based in Athens. Our work is focused on breaking the cycle of vulnerability for refugee women at risk, and survivors, of gender-based violence through a holistic model that provides psychosocial support, shelter, learning and livelihoods for meaningful integration within Greek society.

Athens (main city pin) | Chios town (general pin) |
protection / work with kids | education | general support | Greece: Central (Athens area) | admin / coordination

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