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15. January 2019
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5. February 2019
Tags: Greece: Central (Athens area) | admin / coordination | long-term

We are looking for a volunteer to take over the coordination of our volunteers in our refugee shelter in the center of Athens  from February onward. Without our volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to arrange most of our work, especially helping children learning English and integrating, first, in the shelter and secondly, in Greek society.

The Volunteer Coordinator is an important factor to our success keeping the organization moving forward. You will join a team that provides recreational and educational activities for refugee children and women. As a volunteer coordinator you would:

- arrange the welcoming of new volunteers

- write and manage all recruitment posts across websites and social media

- oversee the communication with interested and incoming volunteers

-review the weekly availability of volunteers & organinizg the schedule

-oversee the shifts and develop activites 

You would need to dedicate approximately two days per week (or more if you wish) to volunteer coordination tasks. Outside of this, you would work from home online (flexible schedule).

For more information, please contact us on mosaico.house.volunteers@gmail.com


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