Volunteers needed in Nea Kavala camp

20. January 2019
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26. September 2019
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About us 

A Drop in the Ocean’s purpose is to provide immediate and direct aid to refugees. This is done by coordinating volunteers to travel to our destinations in Greece. Aid workers assist with providing services and activities in the camps and in our community centres. The tasks are constantly changing, depending on the needs of the various destinations. We currently operate in four locations around Greece, running projects and services both in and around refugee camps. A Drop in the Ocean was founded in September 2015, and has since then organised almost 6000 volunteers to go to Greece, where the need for help is high. 

For volunteering possibilities, please visit https://www.drapenihavet.no/en/volunteer/ 

This summer A Drop in the Ocean suspended our operation in the refugee camp Nea Kavala, Northern Greece due to ongoing safety concerns. Over the summer we have worked closely with the authorities and other present NGOs to try to address the safety issues. Although any camp environment will always have risks, we could at this stage not ignore the increased needs after the recent transfer of 1000 residents from Moria refugee camp, Lesvos to Nea Kavala. After a thorough risk assessment and because of the mentioned increase in people needing our services, we have decided that during October, we will restart our operation in the camp.

Our new coordination team is onsite in Nea Kavala, working to understand the biggest needs and making plans for the set-up of our new operation.

To be able to start our activities, we need volunteers to join our team from the middle of October.

To be considered and accepted as a volunteer you must be above the age of 25 and able to commit for at least 3 weeks. Anyone with previous experience of working with vulnerable communities is particularly encouraged to register as a volunteer.

We provide financial assistance with accommodation for long term volunteers (over 2 months).

For information, and to register to volunteer, please visit our website:https://www.drapenihavet.no/en/work-as-volunteer/

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