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22. January 2019
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22. January 2019
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On short notice we need professionals to join our volunteer team with a minimum stay of two weeks. CBM also works with long term volunteers.

CBM is a foundation offering a music program in the shelter locations in Greece. CBM is running several programs for two years on the Island of Lesvos on different locations. CBM is expanding and starts in the refugee camps Malakasa and Lamia on the main land.

Connect By Music is looking for a Music Teacher / Therapist to facilitate a music program for children and adults. You will be part of the CBM team and give lessons to 3 different age groups of children and 2 groups of adults.

We will offer:
• Free housing at the CBM volunteer house
• Free transportation to the camp
• Great team to work with and a life changing 
• CBM Family with lots of love.

You need to:
• Identify yourself with the mission and vision of CBM
• Have experience in teaching
• Follow the CBM program
• Be able to cope with emotional and confronting
situations and you know how to separate work 
from your personal life

For more information, please contact us at info@connectbymusic.com and/or go to the website https://www.connectbymusic.com/en/volunteers/

Please feel free to share this post or tag anyone who may be interested.Connect by Music

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