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Refugee4Refugees is a non-governmental organization, with no political, religious, or ethnic affiliation that works at the front line of the humanitarian crisis in Greece. Its co-founder, Omar Alshakal was forced to flee his home in Syria because of the civil war and arrived at the island of Kalymnos, Greece, after swimming for 14 hours from the Turkish coast in 2016. He knows first-hand the problems involved in obtaining asylum and is aware of what it is like to create a new life in a country far from the place you called home before losing everything.

Refugee4Refugees aims offer sustainable support, humanitarian assistance and emergency response to migrants from all nationalities who arrive at the shores of Lesvos and Samos seeking asylum in Europe.

Join us as a volunteer on Samos or Lesvos, or you can help remotely. We are always looking for volunteers with varied backgrounds for different roles within our organization. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself.

While the work is challenging it is also incredibily rewarding!

NEW Project in Lesvos - Sheltering project in the Olive Grove: Due to the high number of arrivals on the island of Lesvos since August, R4R has started a new project focusing mainly on improving shelter-conditions in the newly expanded area of the Olive Grove (informal camp next to Moria). Volunteers may assist with clean ups, construction and landscaping work, as well as distribution of items such as sleeping bags. This is a very new project and the work might change and/or evolve by the time you arrive. Please note that long-term volunteers (1+ month) are likely to be more involved in this project to enable us to build trust with residents and provide consistency.

Other activities in Samos and Lesvos:

R4R storage warehouse: Volunteers sort all the clothes and store them in different classified sections in order for them to be sent to the R4R distribution warehouse (called “the R4R shop”) in an organized way in order to facilitate the distribution.  

R4R shop: Refugees come to our distribution shop on a daily basis and choose the items they need (mainly clothing and hygiene items). Volunteers assist in this free shopping experience by welcoming people and keeping the system in the shop running and the clothes organized.

Children activities: R4R rents plots of land right next to Vathi Camp and Moria Camp, where we run recreational activities with the children living in the camp.

Olive Grove Cleaning: Volunteers clean the Olive Grove, the informal settlement next to Vathi and Moria Camp, in order to create a better living environment for the people living there.

Emergency response: we work in collaboration with other NGOs to respond to emergency situations such as adverse weather conditions and high numbers of arrivals, distributing the most urgent items  

You must be willing to work long hours, sometimes for days in a row.  And you may be called upon to work these hours at short notice, so you must be flexible to the NGO's needs - the nature of both R4R and the refugee crisis as a whole dictates this, with emergency situations a common occurrence. Furthermore, the work will sometimes be physically or mentally challenging, so you should be confident of being able to cope with such demands. And you must also be capable of taking responsibility for yourself, so you are able to turn up to shifts on time and in a fit state to work. If you are unsure you are able to fulfil these requirements, please think carefully before applying.

If you have any questions you can contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@refugee4refugees.gr. Our website is currently a work in progress but our volunteer application form is up and running so if you are interested in joining us you can apply here https://refugee4refugees.gr/volunteering/ also visit our Facebook page to get a better idea of our projects and the work you will be undertaking https://www.facebook.com/Refugee4Refugees

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