26. January 2019
last edit:
10. February 2019
Tags: logistics / warehouses | general support | Greece: Islands except Lesvos | welcome anytime

Join us as a volunteer on Samos, or you can help remotely. We are always looking for volunteers with varied backgrounds for different roles within our organization. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself.
You must be willing to work long hours, sometimes for days in a row.  And you may be called upon to work these hours at short notice, so you must be flexible to the NGO's needs - the nature of both R4R and the refugee crisis as a whole dictates this, with emergency situations a common occurrence. Furthermore, the work will sometimes be physically or mentally challenging, so you should be confident of being able to cope with such demands. And you must also be capable of taking responsibility for yourself, so you are able to turn up to shifts on time and in a fit state to work. If you are unsure you are able to fulfill these requirements, please think carefully before applying.

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