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31. January 2019
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6. February 2019
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Lifting Hands International (LHI) is a non-profit organization which runs its educational and recreational programmes five days a week for the residents of a refugee camp located in Serres, Northern Greece, a small town about one hour away form Thessaloniki.

We are developing a new self-sustained art project called Fresh StART that enables and empowers all residents interested in arts to participate.  In order to make the art project available to everyone and foster the artistic talent of the ones participating, we decided to provide regular art lessons at the field. These lessons are planned to be supervised by an art teacher that introduces the artists to techniques like still art, watercolour painting, portrait drawing  and are expected to take place once or twice a week at the beginning, and could then increase based on attendance and interest by the residents of the camp. 

Apart from this, the volunteer would be required to take part in one of the other programs which our organization provides:

  • Female Friendly Space, a safe space which organises different range of activities for teenage girls and women;
  • Children Friendly Space, a safe space for children;
  • Piano and guitar classes;
  • Language classes. 

We ask for a minimum commitment  of 30 days and we can offer a place in our team apartments for 5euros per night. 

For more information on the project please email our volunteer coordinator Cecilia: greecevolunteer@liftinghandsinternational.org

You can also find out more about LHI by visiting our website (www.liftinghandsinternational.org) or Instagram feed (@liftinghandsinternational)


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