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18. March 2019
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26. March 2019
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Yoga and Sport for Refugees  www.sportforrefugees.org is setting up on Samos! We are looking for a volunteer coordinator, as well as a small team of volunteers to run the project.

In either role, you would be building on the succesful work already being undertaken on Lesvos and One Happy Family/ Mytilene.

We run sports programmes for refugees. Most of our sports our taught by the community, but we also use foreign volunteers to help teach some. On Lesvos, we already have programmes in hockey, running, basketball, swimming, yoga, kickboxing, muay thai, fitness and more. We also run some classes for sowmen only. On Samos we have already started a daily prgoramme but it needs people to give it a boost and get us set up fully. Ideally at this point we are looking for people who can stay at least two months. We can provide accommodation. We are looking for self-starters with a passion for sport and being active, who are happy to represent us on the island build a contact network too, building on what we already have. 

Please get in touch! We also have ongoing opportunities on Lesvos and are looking top set up on Chios too, soon. 



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