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5. April 2019
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5. April 2019
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Team leader - Children activity at Samos (Voluntary based)
As team leader you will work closely with the Site coordinator to create and establish this new project, train the volunteers. This is a great experience to improve your skills, experience innovation in humanitarian work, be part of a collaborative network of NGO's and in general be part of a new project. This is also an opportunity to be part of an adaptable, flexible and growing organisation and the potential of a future coordinator position in the organisation. 
Skills of interest:
  • Entrepreneurship, Relations management, Visionary, Project  management, Logistics, Vulnerable Children, Greek, Arabic, Farsi, French, Structured, and experience with working with children/teenagers e.g. teacher, Kindergarten, teacher, childcare or social experience, solution orientated
Brief  Description of tasks: 
  • Create a sustainable activity for children 7-12 years old. Focus areas
    • Safe space
    • Education through play, creativity and curiosity
    • Adapt to the needs and other services on the island
    • Activity / Activities that fit and involves the other operations and guests at the Baobab space / centre
  • Collaborate with other actors to deliver complete & complementary services
  • Train the volunteers in the activities
  • Involve the volunteers to contribute to the goals
  • Collaborate with other children and education actors
Desired Length: minimum 4 weeks

NB: You will be asked to provide us with a certificate of good conduct

email us at frivillig@drapenihavet.no or visit our website: https://www.drapenihavet.no/volunteer/

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