Urgent: Volunteers needed on Samos

5. April 2019
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26. November 2019
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About us

A Drop in the Ocean is a Norwegian NGO. It was founded in September 2015, and has since then organised almost 6000 volunteers to go to Greece, where the need for help is high. Our purpose is to provide immediate and direct aid to refugees, by coordinating volunteers to travel to our destinations in Greece. Aid workers assist with providing services and activities in the camps and in our communitycentres. The tasks are constantly changing, depending on the needs of the various destinations. We currently operate in four locations around Greece, running projects and services both in and around refugee camps. 

For other volunteering possibilities, please visit https://www.drapenihavet.no/en/volunteer/

About the role: 

Since the beginning of September 2019, we started our new recreational projects, including sports and arts activities at the Stagona Centre above Baobab Community Centre in Vathy. There, we provide two main activities to migrants and asylum-seekers:

  1. Moving: We are aiming to provide movement classes such as yoga, dancing, fitness and running where migrants and asylum-seekers can find some normalcy and community, as well as creating shared, positive experiences through physical activity.
  2. Making: We want to ensure that everyone has a creative space in which to develop, create and make! Whether it be painting portraits, telling stories through photography, sewing or getting handy with tools – we want everybody to use their innovative skills.


- No specific qualifications needed, but you must be over 25 years (23-25 are also welcome to apply, but must undergo an interview), and be able to commit for at least 10 working days. 


You will be required to provide us with a certificate of good conduct

Email us at frivillig@drapenihavet.no or visit our website www.drapenihavet.no/volunteer/

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