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6. April 2019
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12. August 2019
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The team of IHA is located just outside of Thessaloniki. We have two main projects: Our Community Center near Camp Lagadikia and our warehouse. Our overall approach of the two projects is needs-based and flexible. 

The Community Center ist the main part of our project where most volunteers are working. It consists of a Free Shop for the residents, regular community activities such as workshops and leisure activities, a women's space, kids activities for different age groups and English classes . The aim of the Community Center is to offer the residents a place to come together outside of the camp, to enjoy themselves, meet volunteers, get access to information and education, on top of providing them with essential items such as food, hygiene articles and occasionally clothes in our Free Shop. 
Volunteers should be interested in offering & conducting workshops or activities (educational, social, arts, sports etc.) themselves and keen to spend time with residents of the camp. 
The other (smaller) part of our project is our warehouse, which serves as a logistical hub for humanitarian aid, benefitting thousands of refugees in Northern Greece. We source supplies locally and receive aid deliveries from abroad from here. The supplies are stocked in the warehouse and distributed by our volunteer team and partner organisations. 

We are looking for flexible, committed and motivated volunteers to support us in all parts of our projects for a minimum stay of 1 month. Accomodation in our volunteer flat is available for a small one-time contribution. 

Find out more about our project on our website www.iha@help and please apply via the website if interested! 
For more questions please contact info@iha.help.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

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