Medium to Long Term Volunteers Needed!

10. April 2019
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11. May 2019
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Tags: education | Greece: Samos | Greece: Islands except Lesvos | language | admin / coordination | arts / sports / music | long-term

We are currently looking for medium to long term volunteers (2+ months) to come help with our activities here on Samos, Greece.

  • Teachers with experience (languages, music)
  • Volunteers with previous experience dealing with vulnerable communities
  • Volunteers that can stay for around 2 months (or more!)
  • Volunteers with previous experience in coordination roles

Come work at our Alpha Centre, teach one of the more than 105 classes we have a week, keep our laundry station running, go up to the camp to play with the kids twice a day or help our camp clean up crew on Saturdays. 

To learn more about our organisation, follow our social media @samosvolunteers or check out our website www.samosvolunteers.org 

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