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12. April 2019
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19. April 2019
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Lifting Hands International is looking for an arts and recreation manager from May 20th (dates can be flexible) to lead our arts programme and oversee the fitness schedule, which we run five days a week for the residents of a refugee camp in Serres, a small town about one hour away from Thessaloniki.

If you are organised and proactive with a background in teaching music, we would love to hear from you. As an arts and rec manager, you would:

  • Help to timetable classes to adapt to the evolving needs of camp residents
  • Have excellent communication skills and be able to confidently interact with volunteers and residents.
  • Teach music lessons, including 1-1 lessons and group lessons.
  • Run inductions and provide any necessary training to incoming volunteers.
  • Ensure the volunteer teachers have the resources and support they need
  • Write concise weekly and monthly reports on the arts and rec programme.
  • Allocate budget for necessary resources

This position requires a minimum time commitment of 90 days and minimum age 21+. This position offers free housing in our team apartments and a small monthly salary.

For more information please email pour Volunteer Coordinator Cecilia at greecevolunteer@liftinghandsinternational.org or visit our website: liftinghandsinternational.org

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