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22. April 2019
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19. May 2019
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We are urgently looking for a project manager to run our small community center near Belgrade, Serbia - to start as soon as possible.

The Azadi Community Center

‘Azadi’ means freedom in Urdu and Farsi, at the community center our volunteers teach languages and run creative workshops and activities such as art, yoga, team-games and intercultural discussions. The Azadi center offers residents of the nearby Obrenovac transit center a space away from the monotony and tension of living for many weeks or months in a refugee camp. We aim to provide a supportive atmosphere and a sense of progress that we hope will foster a feeling of community and purpose. We need a project manager who can maintain and develop this project so that we can continue to provide important psycho-social support to refugees and migrants in Serbia.  

The project manager of Azadi will:

Oversee the day-to-day running of the center.

Have a good understanding of working with vulnerable populations.

Manage and motivate a team of roughly 12 volunteers.

Do administrative tasks such as scheduling, briefings and report writing.

Communicate the needs and progress of the center to the rest of Collective Aid’s coordinators.


Preferred skills and experience:

People management/ coordination

Language teaching (English/French/German preferred)

Experience working with refugees or other vulnerable populations



Monday - Saturday. Three days at the center each week (9.30am-6pm) with three admin days.

The project manager will receive free accomodation in volunteer housing and one free meal a day.  

For more information please email Izzy at volunteer@collectiveaidngo.org

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