Women Empowerment Volunteer Program in Rwanda

26. May 2019
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16. December 2019
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As in many countries around the world, women in Rwanda face a number of challenges: discrimination, unequal rights, poverty, low social status, low literacy rates, limited access to education and greater risk of HIV/AIDS infection. Traditional and cultural codes often result in girls being taken out of school early to help with income generating activities or agricultural labour and are more likely to be married at a young age.

Become a business development or a women empowerment volunteer  in Rwanda. Working with local women, our target is to develop opportunities and network with local businesses and organisations to promote women empowerment. As you volunteer for a women empowerment program, you are doing something wonderful for women who are less fortunate in Rwanda. You’re helping women from disadvantaged communities achieve a better quality of life by providing them the tools to find sustainable solutions for their problems.

Volunteering on Women’s Empowerment initiatives is a great way to see the world, experience new cultures and contribute to a sustainable project, which will yield long-term results for the individual and the community as a whole. On the weekends you are encouraged to explore the country with friends you make on the program, and our representatives are available to give travel advice and make bookings for you.

To learn more about our women empowerment volunteer program in Rwanda visit the link below:


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