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3. June 2019
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3. June 2019
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From 28 June to 24 July, Citizens in Action and “Happy Children Happy Youth” are organizing two international voluntary workcamps in an isolated mountain area close to Elefsina, to contribute to the overall running of a summer camp hosting 140 children from socially deprived background. International volunteers will support in the kitchen and organizing activities with kids. They will have the chance to be part of an 87 years old social movement and work together with more than 50 Greek volunteers, offering to children a life time experience and to themselves a meaningful experience of active social participation and solidarity.
Volunteers can participate in the full one-month project, or they can choose between the 1st and the 2nd part. Exact dates:
- Full project: 28/6-24/7
- Part I (CIA01A): 28/6-10/7
- Part II (CIA01B): 11/7-24/7
How to participate? If you live in Greece: http://citizensinaction.gr (search for the project codes CIA01A and/or CIA01B). If you live abroad, contact one of our partner organisations in your country of residence: http://www.alliance-network.eu/membership/full-members/
For more information, email to citizensinaction@gmail.com

The organization “Happy Children Happy Youth” for 87 years supports children, who face serious problems such as financial (families whose income is at the limit of poverty or lower), family (orphans or children of single-parent families), social (racism and marginalization) and communication problems (language problems or learning difficulties), because they come from families of immigrants or refugees.

The Organization set up summer camps which offer free hospitality to 140 children. The constant values surrounding the organization are love for the children and the people, the certainty about the inherent talents of every individual, equality for all, freedom of speech and thought regardless of race, age, sex or religion.

The camp schedule is well studied and includes different physical and artistic activities. Living together for 20 days with the 50 trained volunteers offers to the children some love and care they miss. The organization believes that summer camps are useful and important for every child. That’s why we try every year to give the possibility of enjoying our hospitality to more children, in improved facilities with more experienced volunteer staff. Nobody at the organization is allowed to earn money from these activities.

Even though the world is becoming more and more impersonal and harsh, especially for the weak (financially and socially) and their children, Summer Camps Happy Children - Happy Youth dream to always be able to host as many children as possible while upgrading constantly upgrading their facilities and improving their program. Those goals will be made possible thanks to the voluntary effort and knowledge of many people who, with joy, imagination and love, will create small human societies for children and young people that will enable the expression of the skills and feelings of people who will cooperate during the winter to organize everything in order to live together in the summer.




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