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5. June 2019
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5. June 2019
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Sports and Football Coordinator

We are looking for a Sports and Football coordinator! Currently, we are running a ‘Futbolnet’ program in collaboration with the Barca Foundation. The program uses a methodology that focuses on teaching values through sports. Each training session has activities related to one of the five values (respect, humility, teamwork, effort and ambition).

Your role at Movement On The Ground

As a football- and sports coordinator at MOTG you will be responsible for all sports activities for the unaccompanied minors in Moria Hot Spot. You will be coaching boys between 15 and 18 years old and will be focussing on the program’s aims: A change in attitude, promoting inclusion of young people with disabilities, conveying healthy habits, working on gender equality, offering empowerment to the boys and creating an environment with room for dialogue and social inclusion. The program is also available for the local Greek community, so in addition you will actively be working on building bridges between locals and Kara Tepe or Moria camp residents.

To give you a few examples on how we aim  to translate our ideas into action: sports sessions for special needs children and disabled children, a sports day for mothers and daughters and fathers and sons, a clean up event to support the local community and many more activities.

We are looking for someone

  • With social work experience or skills;
  • Of at least 24 years of age;
  • Knowledge or fluent in the Greek language;
  • Willing to learn a new language, such as Arabic, Farsi, Kurdi or French;
  • Has a good understanding of different cultural and cultural differences.

You are

  • Up for working in a challenging environment;
  • Not easily thrown by being exposed to difficult situations;
  • Flexible and can deal with unexpected changes;
  • A team player;
  • In the possession of a driver’s license.

What you’ll get

  • To be part of an inspiring community that is rethinking the current refugee situation;
  • A unique, inspiring experience by getting to teach, inspire and encourage others;
  • Getting to work alongside people from all over the world;
  • A financial compensation.

Starting date: June 

Ending Date: End August/begin September

What do we need from you? Do you believe you’ll fit the job? Please send us;

  •  short video (max 2min) to give us your WHY (why do you want to join us & why you would be the right fit for the position)
  • motivation letter (max. 1 page, including photo)
  • your CV to sports@movementontheground.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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