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3. October 2019
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3. October 2019
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Rewarding coordination opportunity in an innovative inspiring Learning Centre.  The CESRT Language Centre seeks an experienced volunteer-teacher for a six-month commitment--beginning late December--to coordinate a language centre which offers classes in English, Greek, as well as French, German, art & gardening when possible, on the island of Chios Greece. Duties include recruiting teachers, scheduling classes, managing finances and budget, admin, team leading and teacher support. Most importantly the LC Coordinator models the ethos of calm, supportive, engaging, respectful atmosphere.

While the Language Centre is a fulltime project operarting six days a week, the Coordinator and teachers are also part of a larger team of first-response volunteers who attend landings (distributing food, water and clothes), operate a warehouse, organise paly for children in Vial camp, and various other projects from time to time. Coordinator would not be expected to take a leading role in the wider team, but to assist in liaiseing  & coordinating  teachers' participation between the language centre & the team.

The LC Coordinator receives free accommodation and a modest expense allowance. Email Frank (fajhall@gmail.com) for complete job description and application form. 

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