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9. October 2019
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9. October 2019
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IHA is a grassroots organisation working in humanitarian aid with refugees just outside of Thessaloniki. We are currently looking for a volunteer to join our international team to take over our Social Media. 
Our volunteers usually work in our two projects: 
The warehouse, where we sort and distribute donations and locally sourced essential items (such as clothes, dry food and hygiene articles) to support thousands of refugees in the area, and mostly in our community center close to Lagadikia Camp, that consists of a Free Shop for the residents, English and Greek lessons, community and leisure activities, a girl's and women's space and a Kids' space.

The Social Media volunteer would support the team in all parts of the projects but would have extra time and the main responsibility to source for content that we use on our Social Media platforms, including taking pictures and videos of the projects and our partner organisations, conducting interviews and writing blog entrys about our work. At the moment we are especially looking for someone with experience in videography. 

We take applications ongoing. A place in our volunteer flat would be available for a small, one-time contribution and minimum length of stay is one month although a longer stay would be appreciated, especially for specific positions such as social media lead. For this position we are looking for someone to join our team in november. 

If you are interested, please visit our website www.iha.help/en to apply and / or contact info@iha.help for further information.

We would love to hear from you! 

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