Come volunteer in northern France during the holidays!

23. November 2019
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23. November 2019
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Collective Aid is looking for volunteers over the holiday season! We operate the largest distribution project of non-food items to refugees in northern France, and we need your extra cheer during the holidays. Tasks include sorting through donations, organizing our new warehouse, and going  on distribution runs to four separate sites serving over 1,800 people.

Though we normally require four weeks' minimum engagement, during the holidays we welcome additional support from volunteers who can commit to at least two weeks. We will provide accomodation for 8 euros/night, and lifts to and from our workspace are provided each day. For more information, please visit our website at https://www.collectiveaidngo.org.

If interested, please sign up at https://www.collectiveaidngo.org/apply-to-volunteer/?SQF_SOURCE=v4r

Thanks so much and big love,

-The Collective Aid team

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