Want to use your teaching skills to help in the refugee crisis but don't know how? Why not volunteer in your school holidays as an education mentor? Education mentors are experienced teachers who work intensively to help develop grassroots education projects. If you can you spare time during one or two school holidays or a sabbatical and use your teaching skills to develop refugee education projects, get in touch today.

21. February 2020
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21. February 2020
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  • At refugeeEd, we pair experienced teachers with local organisations who need training and mentoring.
  •  We prepare and support our teachers before, during and after their trips.
  •  We work to ensure that everyone can access a good education.

Volunteering as an education mentor

Education mentors observe the project and help develop a support programme. This could include:

  • Leading training for volunteer teachers
  • Supporting teachers e.g. through team-teaching, demo’s, observations and feedback
  • Supporting and training coordinators/long-term teachers to mentor other teachers, develop peer mentoring circles, workshops etc
  • Mentoring coordinators with educational issues/ideas
  • Developing curriculums, schemes of work, new educational projects, initiatives, approaches…



Am I right for the role? What teaching skills do I need?


As you will be intensively developing education projects, you should already have particular skills and experience that are useful to the work of organisations in the refugee crisis.


If you have less experience, but want to volunteer as a teacher, we are also looking for volunteer teachers who can commit to one month's teaching or more - visit our website to apply.


The experience mentors should have could include, but is not limited to experience with:


  • Working with refugees or at-risk groups.
  • Designing programmes for students with English as an Additional Language, particularly for those with little to no prior English and/or knowledge of the roman alphabet.
  • Trauma-informed practice.
  • Early years or primary education settings.
  • Developing ESL curriculums or training TEFL students.
  • Developing vocational training courses.
  • Mentoring and training teachers.
  • Change management.
  • Charity or schools administration
  • Other experience that may time well with something a project is looking to develop, e.g. ICT skills, maths, experience with particular special needs.


If you have other experience you think could be useful, let us know!


What other skills/experience do I need?


  • A passion for education!
  • Concern for the refugee crisis.
  • Can thrive in uncertain, and at times chaotic environments.
  • Able to take initiative and get stuck in, but also to listen carefully to what people want to develop and be supportive.
  • Physically able to handle long days, and extreme weather (heat in summer, cold in winter).
  • Resilience - ability to support others who may be experiencing burnout and/or vicarious trauma.



Register your interest  contact us at info@refugeeEd.com for more info.

If you want to go ahead, we will provide a detailed information pack and set up a call to discuss things further and confirm it's a good fit for you. We then match you with an organisation in need of your skills 2-3 months before your start date.


Follow us on Twitter (@refugeeEd_) and Facebook (@refugeeEd) to find out the latest news, blogs from volunteers, and facts about education and the refugee crisis.

Org description:


RefugeeEd works to ensure that children and adults fleeing violence have access to a good education.

  • Today in Greece, there are 60,000 people stuck in camps and unstable accommodation.
  • 57% of children are not in formal schooling.
  • Adults are in need of language skills to help them build a new life.

Dedicated volunteers are doing what they can to help. But they lack resources and educational expertise.

At refugeeEd, we pair experienced teachers with local organisations who need training and mentoring.

 - We prepare and support our teachers before, during and after their trips.

 - We work to ensure that everyone can access a good education.


We are always in need of teachers who can volunteer as education mentors in Greece and beyond.

There are also many opportunities to get involved from home.

Find out more at: 




 Or contact info@refugeeEd.com

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