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17. April 2020
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17. April 2020
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We are looking for a compassionate and creative Social Media and Communications Coordinator to join the Collective Aid team! 

You will be responsible for developing and implementing a communications strategy for Collective Aid, regularly updating our followers and the public about the humanitarian crisis affecting refugees, and about our work to support people on the move. 

As this crisis falls from the public eye, groups on the ground must be innovative and persistent in getting the word out. Please apply. 


  • In collaboration with the Director, develop and implement the overall Collective Aid communications strategy, adjusting as needed according to the ever-changing situation on the ground. 
  • Leverage social media, using creative campaigns to engage and inform our existing following, and to grow that following. 
  • Implement best practices related to safeguarding and dignified storytelling. 
  • Collect content from all of our projects into a robust communications schedule. 
  • Work closely with volunteers, coordinators, and partners to ensure that the information being communicated is accurate and up to date. 
  • Be creative! In a saturated media landscape, we must innovate to keep people engaged and caring about the refugee crisis.
  • The situation on the ground changes quickly and often. We ask all of our volunteers to stay flexible so we can meet the needs as they change.  
  • Relevant experience in a social media or traditional communications role. At least 1 year is preferred, but negotiable. 
  • Minimum commitment of 6 months. We may be flexible for the right candidate.
  • In addition to free accommodation, we are able to provide a small living expense stipend for this role (*Currently not possible with the development of COVID-19)

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