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9. September 2020
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9. September 2020
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Action for Education is an independent, grassroots organization founded in the UK and Greece in 2017. We develop and support projects that aim to remove the barriers to education for displaced communities. AFE pursues two main goals: first, we offer essential safe spaces to the children and youth, in which they can rediscover a piece of childhood. Careful guidance in learning, playing and communal activities build resilience and develop peace-building mechanisms, an opportunity they are ill-afforded in the harsh, tense and frequently violent conditions in the camps. Second, we help students develop language and concentration as well as motor and cognitive skills through curricula of English, languages and projects, which also stimulate imagination and let students and participants explore their own interests old and new. 

The Computer Lab will be our newest project on Chios, combined with an Office Hub. With this project, we aim to address the growing number of asylum seekers living in the city. Currently, an estimated 1000 people are residing in the city in UNHCR, ARSIS or privately rented accommodation.

Our computer lab will offer recreational activities, connectivity, education opportunities and acts as an information point for those in the city. 

This office space will play a crucial role in developing the capacity of our volunteers and other local NGOs to support their direct relief efforts. Moreover, our Hubs will facilitate greater coordination between groups, support asylum seekers with training, and further collaborative advocacy efforts.

Key responsibilities of the job include:

  • Delivering IT lessons and courses to adults
  • Developing our IT programme and curriculum to cover a range of levels and needs
  • Maintaining our technical equipment
  • Provide social support, this includes creating an environment that builds the confidence, resilience and self-esteem of students
  • Attending regular planning meetings and fortnightly trainings
  • Reporting any child or adult protection concerns
  • Remaining flexible based on the project needs
  • Cleaning of the spaces twice a day along with the rest of the volunteer team

Your set of skills & attitudes

  • Experience in teaching, IT, graphic design, ESL, social work, youth work, and/or  project-based activities
  • Familiarity with major computer programmes: Microsoft, Adobe, Google software
  • Demonstrable experience in IT education
  • An awareness of migration issues and sensitivity to working with vulnerable communities
  • You share our vision of a world in which everyone has equal chances to education
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Multi-tasker who performs well under pressure
  • Willing to work long hours in a variety of roles and tasks

Volunteers are responsible for covering transport costs to and from the island. Shared accommodation is provided in our volunteer flat, though we each contribute a small amount (€20) to a shared apartment pot every week to cover some of the flat costs and to purchase communal food.

To apply, please fill in the Expression of Interest form found at www.actionforeducation.co.uk/volunteer 

Minimum commitment: 6 weeks

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