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I AM YOU Job Description

Arabic Cultural Mediator / Translator



I AM YOU is a grassroots organization that first started providing immediate emergency relief on the shores of Lesvos in October 2015.


We now operate in two mainland camps in Greece providing Education, Youth Activities, Vital Access to Healthcare (‘Lifelines’) as well as Income-Generating Opportunities for refugees.

We believe in the power of people, and that there is a better, more dignified and respectful way to provide humanitarian aid; by putting the people we serve at the centre of our programme design, development and delivery.




We are currently seeking an Arabic Translator as part of the Lifelines Programme running in the Ritsona refugee camp in Central Greece.


Job Purpose

The Lifelines Programme was set up to provide support in accessing healthcare within the Greek National Healthcare system to all refugees and asylum seekers residing in the Ritsona camp in Central Greece.


The programme supports their access to mainstream healthcare by providing transport to and from hospital and medical appointments, translation support throughout their medical needs, and follow-up support with in-camp first-response healthcare professionals should this be required. This service is vital given the lack of translation services offered in the Greek National Healthcare system, and the lack of public or private transport options to take patients to and from appointments.


Additionally, in-camp healthcare professionals only provide first-response medical attention, therefore the Lifelines programme is essential to ensure all refugees receive the medical attention they require. Translators will assist the Lifelines Programme Coordinator in running the service by communicating with patients, in-camp healthcare professionals and national medical providers before, during and after appointments take place. They accompany patients to and from appointments to translate and assist with any necessary follow-up translation support after appointments take place.


The successful candidate will work closely with the Lifelines Programme Coordinator, Greek Driver/translator and in-camp healthcare professionals who submit referrals for assistance, and doctors/ medical professionals within the Greek National system to ensure effective, timely and clear translation support to refugees. Travel will be required regularly.


Accountability and Relationship:

Reports to the Lifelines Programme Coordinator



  • Accompanies patients to and from hospital appointments from Ritsona to Chalkida and/or Athens
  • Translates on behalf of the patient
  • Understands, observes and protects patient privacy and right to non-discrimination
  • Protects patient-doctor confidentiality


Skills and experience required:

  • Fluent in Arabic and English and/or Greek (an asset)
  • Sorani/Kurmanji (asset)
  • Demonstrated experience in providing translation services (preferred) with qualification (desirable)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (essential)
  • Self-motivated, empathetic, friendly and respectful (essential)
  • Comfortable meeting new people, acknowledging and respecting gender, cultural, ethical, social and religious sensitivities (essential)
  • Capacity to work in fast-paced and emotionally-intense contexts (essential)
  • International Driving Licence (preferred)



The job will be based from Ritsona Refugee Camp travelling daily to Chalkida or Athens hospitals as necessary. Collection is possible within the Chalkida area where I AM YOU is based to get to work, otherwise you would be required to get to Ritsona camp independently.



  • The earliest start date is 1st January 2018.
  • The ideal candidate will be available for 2 weeks minimum.
  • A 2-month placement is highly preferred.
  • Priority will be given to candidates who can work for longer periods.



Please apply on our website at: http://iamyou.se/volunteer/


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

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