Volunteer makers Katsikas camp(Woodwork, Metalwork, Sewing, Bicycle fixing)

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At Habibi Works we manage a diversity of workshops

-Wood workshop, Metal workshop, Beauty workshop, Creative/Art workshop, 3D Printing workshop, IT workshop, Sewing workshop, and a bike fixing workshop

As a volunteer for Habibi Works, you will be put in charge (completely or partially) of one or more of these workshops. The choice of the workshop will mostly depend on your interests and our needs. However we work as a team, so during your stay with us you will probably participate in different activities in the other workshops.

In concrete terms, your responsibilities will be:

- Assisting people coming to your workshop to realise their projects,by helping them turn abstract ideas into concrete sketches and plans.

- Coming up with activities or mini projects people might be interested in (Wooden spoon carving, painting lessons, 3D printed prototypes...) and getting them involved

- Being in charge of the maintenance and good use of the materials and machines available in your workshop.

- Assisting the team in the different workshops depending on their needs and your availability.


And to give you a feel of a classical day at Habibi Works here's a quick video of how it looks like


Here after the link to our website you can check it out for further information


We're urgently looking for metalwork wood work, bicycle fixing and sewing experts. Please keep in mind the minimum period for a stay is three weeks, if you're interested in joining us and leaving your mark on this amazing project please feel free to contact us by email.

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