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Refugee4Refugees is urgently looking for volunteers for Lesvos and Samos for April ad May!

Join us on the island of Lesvos or Samos, Greece . We are always looking for volunteers with varied backgrounds for different roles within our organization. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself.

Since April 2017, we have supported refugees in their desperate journey towards Europe. We are at the forefront of this humanitarian crisis, based on the shores of Lesvos, Greece. Refugee4Refugee founder Omar Alshakal sought to create a non-political organization that addresses the needs and concerns of refugees, while also encouraging fellow asylum seekers to get involved and take the lead in relief efforts.

Omar came as a Syrian refugee to Greece and brings a unique perspective as someone who arrived in Europe in 2014, after swimming for 14 hours from Turkey to Greece. He has seen the weaknesses of the asylum process first hand. Omar started the charity to tackle these challenges head-on. As a former lifeguard, he saw an opportunity to improve boat spotting and landing support. And from that moment R4R was born, a grassroots NGO with many activities on the island o

The minimum age to work with us is 20 years old. Ideally, you hold a driving license and you know how to drive a manual car, as this is extremely useful for our operations.

You must be willing to work long hours, sometimes for days in a row, and sometimes during the night. And you may be called upon to work these hours at short notice, so you must be flexible to the NGO's needs - the nature of both R4R and the refugee crisis as a whole dictates this, with emergency situations a common occurrence. Furthermore, the work will sometimes be physically or mentally challenging, so you should be confident of being able to cope with such demands. And you must also be capable of taking responsibility for yourself, so you are able to turn up to shifts on time and in a fit state to work. If you are unsure you are able to fulfill these requirements, please think carefully before applying.

The minimum stay is two weeks. 


  • Respond to crises across the island of Lesvos during emergency situations when volunteers are needed.
  • Improve community relations with the local Greek community
  • Demonstrate flexibility, adaptability, and maturity
  • Interacting in a mature and responsible fashion with vulnerable populations from Moria camp (Lesvos) or Samos
  • Work on our other projects: distribution of clothes & hygiene items, cleaning activities on the shores and in the camps,  social and educational activities.


  • 20 years of age or older
  • Driving license for driving a manual car is an asset
  • Previous volunteering experience with refugees in Greece is an asset
  • Knowledge of Greek, Arabic, Farsi, French, or Kurdish is an asset

Do you want to apply? Please go to: https://refugee4refugees.org/volunteer/

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