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6. August 2018
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14. October 2019
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foodKIND is a small 100% volunteer-run humanitarian organization that gives food with kindness to refugees. 

foodKIND supports Community Kitchen Workshops in camp Oinofyta. We provide equipment, food and guidance to empower the resident to cook for themselves. In addition, we distribute hot meals to people in Malakasa camp. 
We have basic dormitory style volunteer housing in the small town of Dilesi about one hour north of Athens. In order to make money, we raise our food, we ask our volunteers to donate € 10 / night (max €200/night) towards the cost of the volunteer house, any surplus is spent on the mission. The house has a washing machine, communal space, wifi and a kitchen for volunteer use. 
Typical daily jobs include chopping, lifting, smiling, carrying, cooking, laughing, cleaning, scrubbing, and feeling joy. Two amounts of food that we have there is some heavy lifting and carrying. 
For more information or to join our team, please go to our website at foodKIND.org
(Also spelt: Food Kind. Accepts volunteers under 21; minimum 18 years old.)

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