Volunteers needed for one month from mid November

15. August 2018
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7. November 2018
Tags: education | Greece: North and East | work with kids | tech / IT | construction | long-term

We Are Here are looking for people to come and join our hard-working team of volunteers at our community and learning centre in Nea Kavala refugee camp, Northern Greece!

With a community space, two classrooms and a women’s space, We Are Here creates an opportunity to learn, create, socialize, share, and build knowledge, confidence and connections.

We are especially in need of:

-someone to teach ESL classes and run activities for one month from mid November

- to teach ESL classes for one month from mid-November

-people to help in the child-friendly space and with children's activities for one month from mid November

We are also organising ourselves for 2019, and are looking for people with experience teaching ESL, people to help run our Women's space, work in our child-friendly space and help organise children's activities, and to help with admin, outreach and running varied activities including youth club and computer classes in our community space. 

If you are able to help out by contributing your time and skills, and have at least 30 days to share, please visit our website to find out more about our project and fill out our online application


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