**************** Medic team is looking for a volunteer to run YOGA CLASS ******************

20. October 2018
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15. November 2018
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********* Med' equaliteam is looking for a volunteer to conduct YOGA CLASS ****

Med'equali " caring for people on the move" is an association located on the Greek Island of Samos. With a team of doctors, nurses, translators we are seeing people from the detention center of Vathy. Here, only one doctor is present for more than 3 000 people. We try to gap this lack of resources by providing free medical healthcare. 


How does it work ?

Medequali.team started to launch yoga classes at the back of the office 2 weeks ago. We have a little open place where some volunteers practicing yoga at home are giving class. For now, we have 11 students coming 3 times a week for 1H30 of yoga each time.The students are for the moment french or English speakers due to our volunteers mostly speaking french.In long term, and if the project can be steady we would like to open it to farsi/ arabic or other languages present in the camp speaker but it depends mostly on the resources of volunteers.

For now its mostly a pilot project to see if we can adapt our resources to this !  However, the participants are really happy with it and reports being less stressful and learning some tools they can use in the camp to feel better. 

How do we teach ?

We focused mostly on the students need that is to say insomnia, back pains, lack of safe and quiet space in the camp. The aim is to provide them with tools that they can use by themselves as relaxation technics or breathing technics. The focus is not on the level, the technic or to do difficult things but mostly to be creative facing the lack of medical and psychologist ressources of the island.

The student has a proactive role, we decided together what we want to do, when we can meet. At the end of the lesson we have tea together and debrief the lesson. There is not Teacher/student relationship in itselt, we are organsing and sharing a moment together.

What do you have to know ?

Some of them have injuries and went trough lot of bad lifes experiences including torture and sexual abuses. That is to take into account in the position you should to do and in the way you express yourself.

What are we looking for?

  • It s a part time job, you can (no obligation, if you would like to focus mostly on the yoga teaching project and the developping on this one) participate in the other volunteer jobs of the clinic such as translating, nursing or reception.
  •  minimum commitment of 2 weeks
  • knowledge of yoga or relaxation technics
  • we may be able to provide accommodation in exchange of a small contribution of money 
  • speaking french is an asset, but any language welcome 


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