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20. October 2018
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4. December 2019
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Med'equaliTeam is an association located on the Greek Island of Samos. With a team of doctors, nurses, translators we are seeing people from the detention center of Vathy. Here, only one doctor is present for more than 5000 people. We try to gap this lack of ressources by providing free medical healthcare. 

We are looking for a volunteer to cover the reception, a key job in the clinic!

How does it works?

We run a clinic on Samos where we provide health care to asylum seeker. Currently we are seing more than 70 people a day. Adding to the consultation, we canrefer people as much as possible to other social services, international organisations and local hospital. The people we are working with have underwent huge violence by the past and we cannot help them without working with others institutions and associations. 

That is why the reception post is so important for the clinic: this person ensures the whole stability and functioning of the system during the opening hour of the clinic. He/she also has a global perpective of the advance of consultation and where are the translators. 

The volunteer job includes the registration of patients, the scanning of their consultation paper, the coordination of the reception room, managing the appointment and coordinating the referral system of the clinic.

You will never be left alone in doing this job. The first days, you ll be trained by someone who did the job before you and the coordinator will be here to support you in case of difficulties. Most of the time, a translator is also present to help you manage the organisation of the waiting room. A doctor is also present in the reception area to help with medical questions and make the whole process fluent. 


  • multitasking, very good organisation skills


    able to direct people and don’t hesitate to take the lead

  • no detailed computer skills needed, no medical knowledge needed

  • ability to handle stress

  • good at communication

  • keep an awareness of clinic flow

  • team player

  • French, farsi, arabic or greek is a plus


Due to the complexity and number of things and process there are to remember we ask a commitment of 3 weeks minimum

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