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24. October 2018
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24. October 2018
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Market Manager to DropShop, Skaramangas

To our services in the refugee camp Skaramangas in Athens, we are looking for a long-term volunteer interested in contributing as Market Manager for at least 6 weeks.  The Market Manager is responsible for the operation and the daily running of our DropShop. Among the tasks are:
  • Maintain and development of routines for operating the DropShop
  • Training of volunteer staff to the DropShop
  • Ensure safety within the DropShop
  • Report weekly to A Drop in the Ocean Logistics Coordinator
  • In cooperation with Logistics Coordinator, ensure that the DropShop always has sufficient equipment for “sale” and distribution to residents
  • Operate our payment solution through the DROP App
  • Maintain opening hours and rota system of the DropShop
We are looking for a volunteer with the following background:
  • Good leadership skills
  • Service minded and experienced with problem solving
  • Experience with humanitarian work
  • Good English skills. Arabic skills advantageous
For being considered as a volunteer Market Manager, we kindly ask you to send your CV and letter of motivation to athen@drapenihavet.no marked “Market Manager”. Please also tell us for how long you are able to volunteer. All long-term volunteers have the opportunity of applying for the possibility to be considered for partial coverage of personal expenses.

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