Welcome to v4r.info

After volunteering in Lesvos for three weeks January 2016, I realized how little information was available for people willing to help Refugees in need. A tremendous amount of time is wasted for just finding the place where one can do something.

This is when I started to create a website. The project with the help of Information Point for Lesvos volunteers, a facebook group for providing information, grew quickly and Greecevol.info came into being.

Unfortunately, internal tensions lead eventually to a break between Information Point an me and I decided to migrate to the new domain v4r.info.

The aim of this page is still to provide you with basic information to help you to find quickly the data you need and make your efforts more efficient.
But don’t forget, we only show the information that comes from people like you. So use the site and share your information with others. This is a collaborative effort and together, we get can make a difference. Please use our site, comment, share, and as always - keep going!

Thank you from the v4r team

Thierry Blanc

© 2016