Volunteer starter kit

First-time volunteers: Thank you so much for your interest in the refugee situation in Greece. There's a need for doctors, nurses, lawyers, translators, tech experts, cooks, logistics experts and more specialized knowledge. We also need plenty of people who simply offer generosity, energy and heart.

The following is a list of documents and other tools to give you an overview of what's needed and how prepare for your trip. It can seem overwhelming at first, but all of these links will point you to places where all your burning questions about volunteering in Greece will be answered. Between the key Facebook groups, maps and even/especially useful tools on this site, you will be able to decide where in Greece to work with refugees.

Where is my help needed most?

This is the chronic question. We can't answer it for you, as the crisis is in more than 45 camps all over Greece, all with different populations and needs. The best fit depends on your skills and interests, and the amount of time you have.

There's no way around it: You really have to...

Read these materials first

  1. How to Volunteer in Greece (Info for Greece Volunteers)
    Basic info to get started, with brief profiles of camps and lists of which camps need which language skills.
  2. Greece camps map
    For easiest searching and orientation. All the spots on it are also under 'Places' on this site.
  3. Information Point for Greece Volunteers
    General umbrella Facebook group. Ask questions here if you can't find answers at region-specific groups.
  4. Refugee Crisis Reality Check
    Good overview of what to expect as a volunteer -- mental prep, rather than logistical. Compiled by Campfire Innovation.
  5. Voluntariados en Grecia (info doc in Spanish)
    Maintained by Bienvenidos Refugiados en Grecia.
  6. Safeguarding children / how to get a criminal background check

    Compiled by Sumita Shah. Instructions for (highly recommended) procedure of getting official clearance to work with children.

  7. First-time volunteer FAQs
    Right here on this very site.
  8. Community Spirit: How to Integrate as a New Local Business

    For any business, big or small, it’s important to integrate with your local community. Doing so is essential for building new partnerships, establishing a customer base, and ensuring your work week runs smoothly. If you’re a new business, here’s how you can introduce yourself th ...