QR code Voucher Card for each Refugee

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QR code voucher card project

We are working on a project to hand out a personalized card with QR code to every refugee.

The card will contain only minimal data about the person.With this card the refugee can get things offered by NGO like food, goods, tea, etc. He/she just has to present the card and then he/she gets the service.Possible services are x items per timespan (e.g. 3 chai per day, one meal a day, one body cleaning set once a week, jacket in 3 months), warehouse time slot (appointment next Friday with #22), warehouse credits,queuing system.

Every NGO will be able to add services.

Main advantages:
  • the NGO does not have to issue cards. They can concentrate on the service. One card –plenty of services.
  • The checking is very easy. Any cell phone can scan a card.• Mobile internet by cellphone easier than for laptop
  • Checking is fast. Scan takes only few seconds.
  • Card can be replaced in case of loss.
  • Less cheating/black market. The virtual currency is stored on the server. No copying of money. No loss.
    plus (anonymized) statistical data ...

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