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What is the QR card system/ QR services

The QR card system is a project to hand out a unique QR card to every refugee. The card contains a QR code that can be scanned with smart phones or laptops. With this card the card holder can get goods, food, appointments, etc. The software behind the QR code makes sure that the card holder gets only as much as he or she is entitled to. Eg. a community kitchen might give out one meal a day per person. With the card, this is ensured.


A `QR service` of simply `service` defines what the QR card can be used for. After the service is defined, the service can read a QR card and count items distributed, add a card holder to a time slot or queue, add virtual currency to the card holder account, etc. There are three main function at present:

  • count items,
  • get position in a queue (with or without date)
  • virtual currency/credit for shopping

The Advantage

The issuing of the card is done by a special team. The NGO is therefore released of any registration work.

If you want to count the items you give away, just create a new service and scan the card when giving away the items. No more headache with registering people, typing numbers, etc. Just use the service on a smart phone, scan the card and the card holder is regeistered as having  received an item.

How does it work in practice

First, a new service has to be created. The service defines the items a card holder can get within a certain time span. E.g. 3 chai per day, 1 pair of socks per week, etc.

After that, just open the browser on your smart phone and start the QR scanning. Then the service will count every QR card you hold into the camera. The scanning is so fast that it can read about one card in 2 seconds! If that is not fast enough, you can use multiple phones at the same time.


The QR card system makes registration for NGOs superfluous and processing very fast. It counts item receieved by each card holder and ensures that everyone gets as many items as he or should.

This makes any distribution fast, fair, easy.