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The trouble with iphones and iOS

Meanwhile it is quite easy to create html5 apps under android, we are facing some challenges that makes it unfeasible to offer support for iOS.

  • The price of 99$ per year to offer an app to the app store

  • Installing without app store is possible but not practical

  • the QR code library to scan and decode the QR codes does not work on iOS

  • slowing of development

The current approach uses a web-based system (html5 with JavaScript) to scan and decode the QR cards. Neither html5 web cam access nor the instascan library is supported in iOS.

This means that for iOS an extra non-html5 based app has to be developed. We don't have a programmer for iOS. Secondly, development would slow down significantly and make production more complicated as two branches have to be maintained. On top of that we would have to pay the yearly fee of 99$.

All these points taken together make it unfeasible to develop for iOS. We therefore stick to a web-based approach based on html5 and javascript (GNU/linux based desktop systems, android on cell phones, windows).